Friday, July 1, 2011

Early morning breakfast

Every morning for the past couple of weeks, this beautiful scarlet robed house finch has visited the deck railing with three babies. The goldfinch joined them for breakfast this morning. The other baby took off as soon as I approached the door to get a photograph.

Bird babies always amuse me, and these young finches are no exception. They follow the parent around, chirping pitifully, beaks open and fluttering their wings helplessly... so you would think,

It's the parents' job once they have fledged to teach them how to forage for themselves. No different from any other creature frankly. But some baby birds refuse to leave the parents alone, and constantly follow the hapless parent around harassing it long after the baby has learned how to find and crack open seeds, bugs and all manner of good bird food. It often will send me into gales of laughter to see these birds that are as big as the parents acting like spoiled little children... there is always one that hangs around much longer than the others, hoping for a free ride and a handout. I know parents the world over can relate to that!

Bluejays particularly are funny with the tiny bleating, pleading sounds that they emit while pestering Mum and Dad. This year even grackles are doing the same thing. You really have to laugh.

Often my morning entertainment is watching the carryings-on of the wee ones. This morning not only are the finches busy but there is one baby House sparrow that refuses to "leave the nest" and follows the parents around constantly... long after the others have found their own way.

These birds all nest in one or more of the many trees that are close to my house. Unfortunately I often can't see the nest, unless I'm very lucky, but there is not only a house finch nest, but a hummer nest, a couple of goldfinches, house sparrows, blue jays, grackles and a rose breasted grosbeak nests - most in the same tree I believe, a huge old spruce... so there is lots of busyness to entertain me while I have my morning coffee.

Hope you have an entertaining day.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian family and friends. - it's a beauty here in Ontario.


  1. Looks like the Finch family breakfast including the cousins! Like you, I also love baby birds, their antics, and their loving parents. We are so lucky to be able to watch these birds and enjoy their wonders!

  2. Great post, Barbara! I love the seeing all the baby birds.