Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Morning walk

This morning I'm lazy, and was looking through my photographs when I remembered this beauty from a friend who lives near the Niagara Escarpment near Hamilton.

He told me that he was driving to work one day and saw the family out taking the 12 kids for a walk. Silhouetted against the quarry in the background, he caught the morning sun on their backs and the line-up as they marched along.

Not only was he fortunate in catching this beautiful picture - but we are as well for his kind sharing.

Canada geese are prolific, they are messy eaters, making lawns and grassy areas in parks unpleasant places to play, walk and picnic. But man oh man - this shot - it's beautiful and shows me the wonder of nature... the ever-alert parents carefully guarding the goslings as they march down to the lake in the quarry. Likely this is the first time away from the nest for those little guys.

So for today - the rain will wash away most of the mess and mother nature will likely clean up what the park rangers leave behind.

And we can enjoy this super photograph (thank you to my friend who allows me to post such lovely photos from him) and the thoughts that all nature has its good and bad, positive and negative - when it's balanced all is right with the world.

May you find balance and beauty in your life today.

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