Monday, March 5, 2012

A sure sign of spring - or maybe not

My last post of a few days ago came before the huge storms that swept across North America. Tornadoes in the Central U.S. (for which I send out heartfelt prayers for the welfare of all who were affected,) and in my neck of the woods, sleet, snow, rain, high winds that doubled trees over. And me too - I felt almost blown asunder by many blasts on my few short walks with the dogs.

They were disappointed I'm sure when we returned the house after a brief expedition outside. They were covered on one side with a coating of icy snow crystals and glad of a towelling off.

So when my friend who lives near Hastings, a tiny community in central Ontario, sent me this photograph of a robin, I remembered that my brother in Toronto had spoken of robins that his son's dogs had spotted in the ravines. Spring we all said enthusiastically! Then.

And as I look outside today at the beautiful white blanket that has been refreshed again during the night, immaculate in many places still (not for long after the birds and dogs have been about) I wonder.

Again I think of climate change. Is that the reason for this untoward severity in what has been till now a mild and grey winter? No say the weather specialists - it's common to have storms in March. But the well below freezing temperatures, frosty breath of dogs, cats and me when outside say, oh please, let's have spring sooner rather than later.

It's been an unusual season - this not quite winter. And while I don't mind, actually I quite enjoy getting out the snowshoes and the skiis and moving about the property like that for a change (much easier than walking believe me) - I am now longing for planting season, to get my pond re-dug, re-lined and my fish back into it. To see the flower and leaf buds that keep swelling, open, not drop off the trees because it's been too cold and they have to start again. That would be so sweet.

But we get what we get. So today I'm going to put my skiis on again and enjoy what sun there is. And hope Mr. (or Ms.) Robin was safe during the winds and will be able to find something to eat (sumach, berries, something) for the next week or so...and then maybe? Possibly? Spring?

What do you think?


  1. We've had robins all winter for the past few years. Either its getting warmer or the robins are getting lazier!

  2. Robins - I understand that in many places they hang about all year in the valleys, especially when there is lots of food available. The amount of sumach and berries would indicate that there must be lots around in many areas near here, just like in your area Bill... but I find it surprising that they are around every winter - another indication of how things are changing don't you think?

    1. Yes, no doubt they have changed their habits to match our climate.