Friday, April 1, 2011

Hidden places

One of the three or four walks the dogs and I enjoy each day often take us through a small valley that borders one of our neighbouring farmers' fields. This photograph shows the tiny creek that has over many many years cut a valley into the clay soil. The creek springs from further south, by-passing several other properties. The banks are lined with trees and shrubs, but walking isn't too difficult.

North of this point, it fills a large beaver pond. Last fall I posted photos of the beaver dam. I haven't been over there yet this spring because I've been afraid the ice might be rotten and the dogs would fall through - not something I would enjoy - though they might if they could get back out. They love to swim.

Soon I'll go and take a look at what the beaver family has done over the winter or early this spring in terms of enlarging their habitat. Already they've built two other dams downstream from the original one that has backed the water up to cover at least an acre. Tree stumps poke through along the edges, and you can see other, smaller trees that have been cut, their stumps gnawed into that peculiar pointed stick formation that says "beaver's been here.".

But the beauty of this spot at this time of year is that it gives the impression of being hidden. I can't hear any other noises except bird song, or the quick explosion of something that burst out of hiding if the dogs catch its scent. I can also hear the water trickling over the rocks in places or the splash of the dogs as they cross back and forth checking out the scents from the previous night.

I feel as if I'm a million miles from any signs of civilization and it's our own private hidden place... and spot to think, dream, or just enjoy the moment.

Hope you have a spot where you can dream and enjoy the moment today.


  1. Wow - beautiful. I wish everyone in the world could find a spot like this to take time to reflect on what is really important. Our connection to nature is the only thing that can really ground our world and help rid the chaos. Thanks for reminding us all of this. You should be on Facebook with this blog and go global!

  2. I travel all over the place to find beautiful places that hold secrets, and some of the most beautiful places are right out my back door. Sounds similar for you! Wonderful read on this post!

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments - as always,much appreciated that you stop by and tell me you were here... your kind words are doubly appreciated.

  4. That is a beautiful scene B! It is so peaceful and serene. I can't wait to see more photos and hopefully you will take some shots of the beavers work :) Yes that was a hint lol