Saturday, March 19, 2016

Who's that knocking? Who's there?

 Someone was knocking at my door recently, or at least that's what it sounded like. Goodness it was persistent. I had to go to the door to see who it was - no one there.

I went outside and looked up to where the sound was coming from.

Guess who? A lovely large pileated woodpecker.

These first three images, as you can see, are not from this year... nor are they mine. But the experience of going to the door when hearing a loud knock is certainly mine.

Thank you Mike O'Dell for you photos of the pileated woodpecker and its young... even though you were unable to get an image of it feeding the babies, these are still remarkable pictures and I am honoured to share them with those who might read this blog.

Two babies to feed, stalking mother like a lot of bird babies do.

And then there are the results of all this banging and hole boring!

Was this going to be a nest? or was the pileated that I watched construct this cavern in one of the many ash trees at my former home near Harwood at Rice Lake merely after the bugs.

It only took a couple of very persistent days of banging to produce this. Amazing birds.

And thanks again Mike for sharing your wonderful photographs.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Before the ice left the harbour

Late one afternoon last month, Spirit and I went from the dog park to Cobourg harbour to see what we could see. The ice was breaking up and about a hundred gulls sat on small icebergs, basking in the waning sun.

There were ducks and geese as well - mallards mostly in the duck category, and Canada geese of course flying in and out, and two swans...

It was exhilarating and soothing at the same time - no human sounds, though there were about a half a dozen cars parked in the lot with people watching as I was. Just bird sounds, and the rush flutter and splash of geese taking off and landing at various locations around the harbour.

A woman was taking photos with a long lens on her camera - those photographs must have been beautiful - the light was breath-taking, the birds not only plentiful but putting on a show for her.

The swans moved silently away from the shore and the pressures from the geese and humans combined. Interesting response. No begging.

Joining others perhaps of the same flock? This image seems to represent a lot of what was happening that day with the different types of birds, the sight of different birds, the movement of wings and the splashing of of water as a goose walks on the water before rising into the sky.


Isn't that a lovely sight and sound? Hope you enjoyed it as much as I.