Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Florida holiday

At the end of January I had he great privilege of going to Florida to visit one of my long time friends and my best friends, with her partner and their dog.

It was quite the fascinating time. I tried to write about it a while ago, but the computer decided not to let me, and so here we are nearly two months later.

This is the beach we visited where the huge waves were crashing into the remains of. It the steamship wharf above. It is on the island of Boca Grande which one reaches by causeway.

A glorious day as you can see. Most of the entire visit was filled with beautiful days, and interesting wildlife, as well as lots of stuff to do and see.

This hotel is one of the oldest in Florida... it is totally charming, with a golf course and a croquet course attached as well as sumptuous bedrooms, libraries, restaurants - you name it.

Wouldn't some gals like to spend an afternoon reading or writing letters in this lovely room?

The entrance hall.

Lunch? or maybe drinks after a round of golf?

And then:

One of the many views along the golf course where my friends' winter home is situated in Placida, south of Sarasota.

More tomorrow in the next blog - this is just a teaser... birds and other wildlife tomorrow!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Spring early this year?

Walking with Spirit the other day in Nawautin the nearby conservation area that we often visit,  I saw this beautiful little creek looking as if Spring had really arrived even though it is still January.

A bit further upstream it had been mostly ice covered, but still running as fast as it could.

Spirit checks out a sound of something other than water rushing as we prepare to check out the nearby waterfall and the tree we (son Ben and I with Spirit's help) planted for so Bill's birthday in honour of his support of conservation. Then we will cross the bridge in this picture and head for home.

One can see from this spot that most of the water in the conservation area is still frozen over.

The waterfall however is flowing...


Hope you have enjoyed this visit to one of our favourite places to walk....of course now it's turned colder and we've had snow so the views are somewhat different. But still lovely.