Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moving preparations

We're moving next month and to make sure the cats, who distinctly abhor change, will manage with as little trauma as possible, I found beds for them - their very own.

This is Christoper, curled up and  content... though most often he prefers to be outdoors and snooze on one of the chairs on the deck, as long as it has a comfortable cushion that is.

When we move, the cats will be indoors for sometime until they get used to their new home. So I thought their own beds which are familiar would be helpful.
Eleia gets a girly bed - though she seems to prefer to be outside as well, or underneath this particular bed. She's a hider. She snuggles into small spots and snoozes away the day unless she's out hunting - on alert for whatever moves. She is much less accepting of change and I believe the four hour drive to our new home on the day, will be a bit of a nightmare and she will likely lose her voice since a car ride means constant complaining from quiet meows to howls of outrage.

It will be part of the adventure I suppose and as with everything - some parts will be exciting and fun, and others a bit of drudgery. But all in a day.

Hope your days of summer are terrific and even though the weather here has been most un-summer like, perhaps we'll get some warmth this coming week.


  1. Cute kitties, Barbara! I am sure they love their new beds and will adjust to the new place quickly. I hope you move is quick and easy! Have a happy week ahead!

  2. Thanks so much Eileen - it's an interesting process - haven't moved in 12 years, where I used to every two to five years... have to get back into the swing! Hope you have a great week. And by the way, your photos on your blog this week are simply beautiful.

    Love that you stopped by.

  3. Good luck with your move! I hope you love your new surroundings. Making the cats more comfortable with the new move is a high priority! Good for you!

  4. Moving with cats is a challenge. Good idea to get them their cozy and portable spots. Sweet-looking kitties.