Thursday, June 16, 2011

From my garden or my fields

 Last week a friend retired from the community centre board of directors where we worked together. Rather than purchase flowers, I collected many from the side of the road and from my garden. I joked at the AGM, that since she had been treasurer and kept such a tight rein on the board's spending she would be pleased to know we hadn't spent a penny, but walked the sides of the road cutting flowers. I had augmented it with many iris and other flowers from my garden of course and was very pleased with the result.

She has a great sense of humour and appreciated the fun.

But later I thought, why not cut a bouquet for myself and bring my garden inside?

And so yesterday evening, walking the paths and realizing that I would lose several daisies in the pasture when I mow them today, I decided to start picking. Then I added to the small bouquet with flowers that are from my garden while they last.

So in the bouquet are fuscia coloured Dame's Rocket which is a spring phlox, daisies, buttercups, birds foot trefoil, red clover, Siberian iris, yellow iris, purple and mauve iris, tiny purple iris and lady's mantle. I didn't add columbine or oriental poppies or sweet William all of which are either too far gone or I have only one of them... but the joy of looking at this little bouquet greeting me on the dining table this morning reminded me that I have always loved flowers in the house and I must continue to bring some in, specially since I seem to have an abundance outside.

Sometimes it's the little things that are in our lives every day, that we forget to be grateful for. This was a lovely and gentle reminder of how very rich and full my life is. I have little if anything really, to complain about and much to be grateful for - I am truly blessed.

I hope the little things in your life bring you joy today.

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