Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The team

Last evening, the sun was warm but there was a light breeze, I was driving home from town, having had to go in late for dog food which I'd neglected to pick up a few days ago.

What a lucky thing to have done. As I was driving along the valley road I saw THE TEAM pulling out of the barn yard and moving into the field. I quickly parked the car and ignored the barking dogs who had come along for the ride.

These two big beautiful Clydesdales often pull wagons around the community in parades for weddings and other special occasions and July 1, our national holiday is coming up soon. So, I was told by Mike (the driver with the ball cap on), the team was going to work. They stopped for a moment. They are hauling a manure spreader behind them, a small one it looks like, but perfect to get the horses in shape.

"We're putting them to work," said Mike, as he told me that the horse nearest to me is called Nash and the one on the other side Kay. And he chucked to the team and off they went into the golden evening.

Now horses are probably my favourite animal. I often joke with friends that I must have been an Egyptian horse boy in a previous life (I love stories and images of ancient Egypt too by the way). When I was barely walking I ran away from my house where I was supposed to be playing quietly, to the pasture about 100 yards from the door, and my father found me much to his horror, in the centre of seven gloriious to me, huge animals, all with heads down, noses  snuffling me as I laughed and giggled and patted their noses.
I simply adore these big animals.

Haven't had the privilege of them living in my own back yard for a few years, but never give up hoping. And every time I pass by a yard full of them or only a single one, I pause to admire.

Yesterday evening, I continued on home with my heart singing and a huge smile on my face. The dogs and I walked in my pasture that used to contain the last and oldest of the horses that graced my living space and I thought about them all. Each one different as day is from night. Each one a magnificent personality.

Who knows? I might have horses back on the property again sometime. Lovely to dream, isn't it?

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