Saturday, June 4, 2011


This morning I had intended to post a variety of pictures of flowers that have opened their petals in my garden.

We had a huge thunderstorm all bucketed down rain, so much that my wee pond's water level raised about four inches... and the run off in front of the house along a pathway was like a small vigorous creek... grey water from the driveway, but about two to four inches deep and flowing wildly out to the pasture.

I didn't turn on the computer.

This evening it's glorious. I've had a delicious day. Saturday is often my day off when I do nothing. The storm invited me to play hooky from all the chores that I should have worked to finish...


I read a book - not even a particularly "good" book - mind candy I call some of the stuff I read when I'm tired and wrung out, or penny dreadfuls - that's what my grandfather used to call paperback novels or mystery/crime stories... easy to read, no stress, quickly finished, entertaining and definitely NOT thought provoking.

As I said - mind candy.

This evening I've been working on the last reports and profiles for the annual meeting of members of a local community centre, where I've been acting as "president" or chair of the board... the real president having been ill for a number of months now. I tried to load all the beautiful photographs of the garden that I've taken, one including the tiniest wee moth that is black with white polca dots on it ( I don't know how to spell that). The computer had four photos psoted on the page.

It hiccuped.

No more blog.

All that time wasted...

Oh well, I began to start over and I found this photograph I took yesterday of Bliss and Eleia. It was/is so cute I had to post it. Spirit is lying in the background snoozing, bored that there isn't some action. Bliss's feet hang over the edge of the steps while he watches me as I wandered around the garden taking pictures. Then up comes Eleia.

Since the first day I brought this little minx home, these two have been best buddies. She used to hang over the loft balcony and watch Bliss when she was tiny and too afraid to come downstairs.

Now she curls herself up on her hindlegs and rubs under his chin. He puts his head down and snuffles her and gently wags his tail. She does the same thing with Spirit, but she watches the big black fat dog carefully - sometimes Spirit can be difficult with the cats, protecting me, protecting a bone or a favourite (of the moment) toy.

This morning, Eleia was just coming back from a long ramble to say hello and grab some breakfast before heading either off to bed or out again. The greeting she gives, a little bleet of hello, and a rub against the dog's leg as she sniffs him to see where he's been and who is ten times her size at least... is always quite touching in my opinion.

Friendship between species isn't rare... we see photographs on the internet all the time. But it is special. And when I see it in my own household, I treasure it and enjoy the way my four-legged "family" gets along.

Would that humankind got along as well as some of our animal/pet pals. Hope your weekend is filled with sun showers peace and tranquility and some old-fashioned "getting along."


  1. Despite the computer glitch what a great day! I couple of years ago I had a lightning strike at my house, lost 8,000 photos and then to make matters worse I realized that the back up disc was in the tray and that was fried too. Seems funny now, but not so much at the time.

    I like the light heart approach to your blog. It is inspirational.

  2. Thank you Wild Bill for your kind words - similarly you inspire me with your beautiful essays. How dreadful to have lost all your photographs though - I'm in the process of backing mine up - it will take forever!
    As for being light-hearted - I figure life is way too short to take it in any other way.