Friday, June 3, 2011

The next phase

One of the most beautiful times before the lush glory of summer is the staggered and phased-in opening of different flowers and bushes in my garden.

Some only last for a short while, depending on the heat of the sun. Some bloom off and on throughout the growing season.

Today to continue my celebration of spring I've posted one of the new grand openings in my garden...a deep pink honeysuckle that grows along the side of the deck.

There are many others which will grace these pages over the weekend - but for now - it's beautiful honeysuckle, which represents memories of my childhood. My father loved honeysuckle, and many other flowering shrubs. He inherited his love of nature and the outdoors from his father, and often told me how, when he was a child he used to see his father standing in his garden.

Perfectly still.

Just looking.

My grandfather would move slowly around his small space, enjoying the luxurious blossoms of shrubs, vines, bulbs, annuals and likely a few vegetables behind or alongside the small garage that opened onto a lane that ran between the homes on their street and the one behind.

My grandfather was a physician. He often accepted payment in the form of fresh chickens, vegetables, eggs and fruit and perhaps even flowers or shrubs for his services long before socialized medicine and government run health care in Canada, especially during the "Great Depression."

I remember him as loving beauty, literature and hockey - Canada's game (Go Canucks - just couldn't resist that).

Both men loved their gardens. My brothers and I inherited that love and the gene has passed along to our children.

There really is something peaceful and wondrous about standing, looking, drinking in nature's bounty and beauty on any day during the growing season.

May you enjoy nature's bounty and beauty today, whatever you're doing.

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