Friday, June 24, 2011

Beauty is...

While I was wandering around with my camera the other day, taking photos of the garden and other things along the way, I looked closely at the white clematis which has bloomed so beautifully.

This one blossom stood out - with the edge of the deck as its backdrop it seemed to glow in the early morning sun, reaching its centre to the sky.

It appeared peaceful, open, fragile and luminous all at once.

A good way to end the week I thought this morning looking at gray threatening clouds and a wet deck, with a beautiful image to hold in my mind.

So for this weekend - I hope you enjoy peace and joy, that something wonderful or adventurous drops into your life for a moment or the rest of your life.


  1. Beautiful Photo! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! :-)


  2. thank you so much - may you and the "Missus" get some good outdoor time and some fun.

  3. You are correct, what a beautiful way to end the week.