Thursday, June 23, 2011

Technology vs. nature

Lately my computer has been balky and I haven't been able to get onto the internet when I've wanted to. I've often had to postpone posting to this blog.

On thinking about it though, it may be nature, not technology...we've had huge storms some riddled with thunder and lightning. And heavy humid air hangs about.

So I've found an escape from my frustration with technology...I run away.

Well I really just walk outside.

I gaze at my pond and watch the fishes play, rolling and chasing each other in the bubbles and currents from the little pond fountain and waterfall. I listen to the birds and watch the trees bending in the wind...and sometimes I get really lucky and everything turns calm, as it did the evening I took this photograph.

The dogs and I wandered along the pathways, the sun just beginning to colour the skies and as I past a nest box I was bombarded by a large number of tree swallows - the babies had fledged! They flew around excitedly. Their thrill at being in the air, swooping, diving swerving and floating was palpable.

I wandered on and as I got closer to the drive shed, I noticed one little fellow on this nest box. It didn't fly very far and was calling the same twitter over and over - obviously concerned about my presence but not secure enough to reach for the skies as its siblings had. As I walked by the box, it moved to one of the arches that mark entries to the pasture from the mown lawn, not twenty feet away, still watching me but with its head twisting and searching the area for help, calling and calling.

Finally as we moved away it flew back to its home nest box and continued to search for its siblings... gradually they returned. They surrounded the young bird and it gained confidence, soaring in the air alongside its buddies and nest mates.

That little adventure was enough to absorb my thoughts and divert my concentration. Technology be darned. The computer would have to wait.

The dogs and I continued to meander around the property, until I became restless and the weeds begged me to remove them from their confines in the garden. I happily obliged as Bliss and Spirit flopped onto the grass nearby.

I've found that a tour of the property whenever technology is less than cooperative, gives me perspective as well as respite. Like Catherine Ross - whose post today on Capture the Soul inspired me - I feel renewed and refreshed when I spend time outside with my bare feet buried in grass, hay and sometimes mud, enjoying nature.

Hope you have some time today to renew yourself in the way that gives you the most refreshment and happiness.


  1. Technology has always been a paradox for me. If it disappeared tomorrow I doubt I'd miss it for long, and might even prefer it overall. The natural world has more to offer than we can absorb in a lifetime. Too much information, not enough time.

    The one great thing about technology is communication without which I wouldn't ever have met people like you!

  2. There is that about technology Bill - and for that I'm grateful too.... have a super weekend...