Sunday, February 13, 2011


 These two beautiful pictures of a red poll at a niger seed feeder were taken by a friend of mine - Sue Dickens.

I've mentioned her before in previous blogs.

The reason I have these photos to share with you is because I was moaning to Sue about not being able to take photographs outside, nor getting good close-ups for the blog.

Being the good friend she has been to me for more than  30 years... she's actually one of my best friends, she immediately sent the two pictures along and said "use these if you want." Now in my book that makes her a special friend - the kind of person you want to be too, at least I do.  Friends are so important, can make you smile when you're down, tell you fearlessly when they think you're wrong, and give you a hand when you need it as well. Boy I'm lucky to have a few of these special people in my life.

So thanks Sue for sending along these fabulous shots of a tiny bird that has never visited my feeders, though they do hang around up here. And thanks for being my friend!

And aren't these the cutest little guys? Look at those little feet clinging to the feeder and that tiny beak pulling out a seed. Did you know that niger seed is full of fat, and it's not a relative of the thistle as some people (including me) thought?

Hope you have friends in your life today and get to enjoy something as special as these tiny birds.


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  2. Friendships are one of the greatest things in life! Sounds like you found that is your friend Sue :) And yes they are the cutest little things :)