Saturday, February 12, 2011

More finches in the snow

The other day I found some pictures of finches - since my camera isn't working in the extreme cold I haven't been able to get anything that I thought was worthwhile, so I've been hunting.

I called this photo - Three bachelors looking for love... and seeds of course.

This one is a two storied feeder which I found really useful for the little birds - you can see the little goldfinch is just beginning to get his colours, he must be a yearling, but the lovely purple finch below is fully grown.

As you know bird watching is lots of fun... but lately the birds haven't been around as much. I figure the freezing temperatures keep them in a state of semi-hibernation. Good thing birds can't think ahead or they'd be longing for spring too, don't you think?

Hope you're having a great weekend and thanks for dropping by my blog, always a delight to share my love of nature.

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