Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby birds

Can anybody tell me what these baby birds are?

I thought they might be bluebirds, since the bluebird adults are no longer feeding at the nest box.

These three little one were sitting in the branches of dead elm about three or four feet off the ground yesterday afternoon as the dogs and I made our rounds. They were calling, sort of a bluebird call, but when we got very close they became very quiet.

I ran back to the house and got my camera, hoping to get really close because they showed no inclination to move. Not quite close enough for me to make a positive identification but ... voila! Three babies. They didn't make a peep. They saw me - the one in the top image stretching it's neck to appear I guess like a branch of the tree... I've seen other babies do that to try to appear smaller and thinner - not their plump juicy selves. And the one in the bottom picture watched me carefully, twisting its head to follow my every movement. So they knew I was there. (The dogs had been ordered to stay still and quiet.)

The one in the lower picture has a bit of colour on its back and could be a bluebird, or a robin.

In any case, it was sweet to see them all sitting there waiting to be fed I think, and waiting to hear from an adult.

Two days ago, I was mowing the lawn, and had to stop when I saw something black flutter out from the front of the mower. The little bird had quite a bit of white on its back, but it really was a baby and I didn't get a good photograph since even though I was pretty quick retrieving my camera, it hid under some grasses and was so obviously terrified I couldn't bear to move the long fronds to capture it more clearly. All I have is its back. Later that evening I saw a similar bird fly into the top of a tree, but again couldn't get close enough.

Wonderful to see spring's bounty though.

By the way, Mysty's owner (yesterday's blog) said that the top photo of Mysty is recent - she is four not 11 months as I'd thought.

And this will be my last post for a week or so - off to do some family things.

If you feel like sending me comments please email me at I haven't figured out how to get the comments part of Blogger to work yet. Nor do I know how many actually visit the site - but thanks to all of you who have written or phoned and said you're enjoying it. For me it's fun - I'm delighted that it seems to be that way for you too! Cheerio for now.

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