Friday, July 16, 2010


Mysty lives with my friend Barb and is a big part of her family. These beautiful pictures were taken by Barb when Mysty was a pup - about four and eleven months old (the head shot). She is a full-of-beans Lab who adores going on the boat at the cottage, swimming with Barb's son Nicholas and generally having a good time. Walks in the countryside around their home with Barb and her husband or with Nick, are also a favourite activity - she gets to savour all the wonderful wildlife smells and scents that intrigue this hunting breed.

Mysty came to Barb around the same time as Bliss and Spirit came to me - and we've often compared notes on the similarities in Labrador personalities.

The three pups, now four years old, are very much the same in their temperament - wonderfully inquisitive, outgoing and often rowdy. As they've begun to mature - as much as Labs ever do - they have settled down a bit, listen to their people more often, come when they are called and always sit for a treat. But it doesn't take much when they are around water particularly - their natural element - to have them burst into joyous barking and dashing into a lake river or pond to retrieve a stick, a ball or a toy or chase a duck or beaver.

Mysty has brought a lot of joy and laughter to Barb and her family, she has created a niche in everyone's heart who knows her. Smart and loving - she represents the best of the breed.

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