Saturday, July 24, 2010


JellyBean is a part Bernese Mountain Dog and part Australian Shepherd. She is tall, as tall perhaps as my big labs, but unlike them, slender. Outgoing and friendly is an understatement when it comes to this lovely dog.

She came to visit me in the Marsh Street Gallery recently where some of my pottery is shown and where I take my turn as "curator." Her companion, Ted Sevill is a very innovative artist - a sculptor who has created many lifelike frogs, birds, fruit and similar items - even a small pony that stood about a foot high that I lusted after. He makes a mold of the creature or item that he's modeled and then pours cement into the molds, staining them with a variety of colours, mostly earthtones, but stains meant for cement. sometimes he puts elements together such as different pears, or a rose with a mole that he's made. He fashions the leaves free hand and inserts them into the wall hanging. The horse - actually it was more of a shaggy pony - was free-standing.

I own one of Ted's pieces, a wall piece with three dimensional tree branches containing some treefrogs popping out of its surface. It's been outside my front door for many years, weathering beautifully and attracting much admiration from visitors.

JellyBean seems to walk with Ted everywhere. When he came to replenish the gallery's stock of his artwork, she came along and made herself at home. Of course I had to give her one of the many dog biscuits I keep in my purse.

You can see what a hambone she is - posing for this picture. She saw the camera and gave me a head-on image and two separate profiles. She knew what she was doing, funny dog. I enjoy her visits.

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