Monday, March 27, 2017


A black bear near Elliott Lake Ontario
Since in the US people are now allowed to shoot bears in hibernation along with the young that are born in hibernation, I thought it appropriate to post some images of a few bears given to me by my friend Mike who lives in Elliott Lake... we may not have many bears of any kind any more if this kind of ridiculous  legal finagling continues. Or wolves or coyotes or foxes or eagles and other predatory birds or any other kind of predator, except human hunters of course.... and they appear to be legion.


This one looks like it's pretty young and getting "out of Dodge" quickly.

Almost out of sight...

And a watcher - Great Grey in the far north...

We  are truly blessed to be able to see many of these creatures still, if we go into the wilds. But if we continue to allow governments to make illogical decisions, not only for wildlife but wild lands, environmentally sensitive places, our rivers, lakes, streams and other waters there isn't going to be much left except an industrial wasteland.

Just my opinion of course, but I do hope that everyone becomes more aware of what's around us/them this year and pays attention to how it is being managed. It could well be critical for our combined future.

Thanks Mike for the photos and permission to use them.


  1. I am very disturbed by the new ruling of shooting bears that are hibernating ... law made in hell ... These are beautiful photos, Barbara ... thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you Julie for your kind words. My friend Mike took the photos and has several of some foxes and birds from around Elliott Lake, allowing me to use any I wish... They are indeed special.
    I too think that law sucks.... it is stupid and self-serving from a man who wants to keep the good old boys happy and on his side... Ridiculous and dangerous