Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Around my yard

Not a lot of snow this winter, but enough so that I put out a few feeders for the birds.

At the foot of the bird feeder, I put an upside down flower pot. Seems it isn't only birds that like seed.

These are to blurry to enlarge - but give you an idea how surprised I was that this naughty chippy went "down under" to gather every bit of spilled seed it could.

The feeders are still the source of attraction for many different kinds of birds, and I will in future posts have some photos of them, but they also have drawn several different kinds of squirrels are  worth a blog all of their own... black, grey, red and a black/reddish tailed one... all vigorously consuming seed... fresh stuff  though, not the soggy suff that they left from yesterday... oh my! what a mess to clean up this spring...

Until next time - enjoy your day and hope the chipmunks stay outside and not in your or my home!

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