Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This adorable little dog was part of my friends/neighbours' family. She lived with two huge Alaskan Malemutes as her four-legged companions. My friends adopted her when their daughter who lives in Toronto realized the little dog needed more running room.  They live on fifty acres surrounded by Invisible Fence - with a lovely valley and woods to run in and pond for swimming.

She was named QC because my friend's daughter is a lawyer... Queen's Counsel is what QC stands for in British colonies and countries.

QC loved to run, and kept the malemutes in shape by leading them on great hunting expeditions into the valley. When my friends were away, I would take care of the dogs, crossing the county road on which both our properties front and going up their long driveway to be greeted by two huge dogs waiting for their cookie and walk - they knew the routine well - and this little part terrier part what? Spaniel? Beagle? Hunting dog? No idea.

After cookies and much greeting and petting all round, we would head out into the woods and valley for a long walk and invariably QC would be the one that would scent a rabbit,squirrel or raccoon  and off she'd go yipping and yipe-ing and generally having a wonderful time. The Mals would quietly gallop along after her - they didn't voice their approval in a hunt, only when they were howling at coyotes at night.

QC was a terrific little dog, enthusiastic and loving. And boy did she have a great life in the country - perfect for a creature that loves to run and be free.


  1. Cookies? That made me smile. What a cute little one...very creative name too :)

  2. Wonderful dog story, I love it . Keep 'em coming.