Saturday, March 25, 2017

And still more from a great Florida vacation

Playing croquet on Boca Grande, right out of a '20s movie. Fun stuff - this field is part of the hotel which I posted two blogs ago.

Can you imagine having a cottage on this silver sand that goes on for miles? Faces the gulf, on Boca Grande. Exposed to the west wind, but how lovely.

Sunset seen from my hosts lanaii - so lovely and peaceful even through the screen.I loved the reflection in the water.

An osprey nest - the osprey family, two adults and a young, must be away fishing in the pond that is only 50 or so yards away.

This osprey has just finished lunch - a fish it caught a few minutes ago in the pond next to where this tree is located which is right next door to my friends winter home.

This osprey ignores me completely as it strips the fish from its frame and enjoys its hard won meal.

This white breasted silver-grey mocking bird regaled us every morning with every song in its repertoire, I heard some songs I had never heard before, this was obviously a well-traveled bird.

And finally a wealth of birds on the edge of the golf course at a feeder. Totally not supposed to be there - the feeder that is - but completely enjoyed by all that visited, including the watchers.

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