Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Very healthy winter visitor

This black squirrel digging away in the detritus along the edge of the property where I live, reminds me to take the camera with me today when I wander outside.

The snow is rapidly disappearing. Rain all day yesterday kept most everybody and everything inside as it pelted down.

So the creek on the northern boundary of this place is full to overflowing, And it's moving quickly. There must be a lot of water up in the hills where this small stream originates.

 But today I am sure that all the birds, the juncos, the chickadees, the blue jays, crows, nuthatches - both red and white-breasted, cardinals and various kinds of sparrows will be at the feeders and digging into the grasses beneath them for seeds to keep them through the falling temperatures.

There are at least five black squirrels living in huge nests made of leaves and twigs in nearby trees. At least one red squirrel and a grey or two who invade the area and sometimes climb up to the feeders if there aren't enough sunlower seeds, peanuts or wheat seeds that they love on the ground.

I love watching their antics, but today I will watch with purpose and try to capture them with my wee camera.

Hopefully you have a few representatives of nature near where you live, who maraud the grounds, trees and shrubs, but give so much pleasure to watch. Enjoy winter's bounty as it develops.... I will, Not the ice so much, but the snow, cold weather and the sounds and activity surrounding me daily.

So blessed ad lucky.
Water from the stream that originates in the hills to the north brings a lot of trash to be cleaned up, but also provides water for all the birds and other creatures.

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