Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's about snow and winter and special places for people and dogs

There is something about some dogs, particularly Labrador retrievers and huskies and malamutes that when it snows, they go a little crazy!

This is Spirit last winter... checking out all the stuff on Wicklow Beach which is nearby. This beach is open to the public - a long stretch of sand and pebbles that brings tons of people to the shores of Lake Ontario in spring, summer and fall,  Not so many in winter.

But when Spirit sticks his head out the door and there is snow on the ground, I know he'll have a great time anywhere we go that day. So he jumped in the back of the car and off we went looking for adventure, or maybe just a place to walk.

Not another soul while we were there.

If it were summer he would be competing with a few other dogs for balls or sticks thrown into the water, or running along the beach chasing sea gulls or Canada geese. But on this day it was sniff and scratch, all along the walk.

Sniff and bury his head as well as his nose.

So pretty along the edge of the beach. The road is just the other side of a patch of trees and other vegetation, giving easy access to the beach, as not many people live along the beach. On the other side of the road is a conservation area managed by the township.

Looking west you can see how the beach is set in a large cove. A few people have been along on this day but not too many, and there is a huge shelf of ice that prevents dogs from going in the water.

At the east end of the park you can see where icebergs have piled up along the shore, and covered the length of the point that juts into the water. Beyond it is another park and a boat launch. Many anglers use it throughout the year.

But you can tell from the stillness of the water, and the lack of people, that it is cold today and no one is about, so we hear only the lapping of an occasional small wave along the edge, and the sound of wings as birds sometimes flies by.

Can you tell both Spirit and I enjoy this special place very much?

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