Saturday, January 7, 2017

More about Nawauwtin... the nearby conservation area

Walking around the conservation area pathways with Spirit shortly after I had discovered this delightful little spot by the lake, I found a number of birdhouses up on poles or attached to posts out in the middle of a beaver pond, or along the side of a pathway. This one astounded me.

There is such an attention to detail, I wondered who is responsible for this? If you look closely there is a small white picket fence surrounding the deck of the bird house. And then there is the dog house. A dog house? Who would think to put a dog house and white picket fence around a bird house?

Someone with a great imagination I suspect.

Every time I visit this special place I learn something new. A new trail, a new bird house, a new creature. Or the demise of one of the former residents

For example early last spring:
This was a sad encounter along the beach. I hope that whatever got this beautiful duck enjoyed the meal.

On the other hand, later in the fall and for several visits - I saw this lovely fellow and sometimes a pal basking in the sun. It and its companion are probably buried deep in the mud for winter. Amazing that - hibernation under water.
A painted turtle
I can never be sure what will greet us when we visit, but I am sure that both Spirit and I and whomever joins us, has an interesting and sometimes surprising walk.

Hope you enjoy visiting Nawautin with us.

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