Friday, January 13, 2017

More on the Nawautin Conservation Area

A duck box on a small island in the middle of one of the beaver ponds stands empty during the winter, but in spring? I will be watching.
A spot to watch birds and all wildlife in all kinds of weather, and all seasons has been put in place and looks so welcoming. The bright yellow is a perfect counterpoint to the surrounding area.

 Another place to sit and rest or sit and watch. There are several throughout the Conservation Area.

This wee bridge allows walkers and cyclists to cross the small river that lets water escape from the beaver ponds and creeks that feed them. It is a wonderful place to stop and look for fish in the summer and often to see where the geese and ducks are nesting in Spring.

 A place to sit and enjoy both lake and beaver ponds.

This small area near my home was created by a developer and has become a favourite spot for many people around the village and beyond to come and enjoy bird migrations, nesting and just being outside. There are also turtles and carp as well as sightings of raccoons, muskrat, mink and even deer.

It is maintained by a group of creative and nature-loving residents from all over and helped by the township. Aren't we lucky?

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