Saturday, January 14, 2017

A cold day in the village

It's bitter cold out there, only the whisper of breezes tugging at the ends of the two big white spruce outside the window of my "office." Time to look inside and see about my indoor garden.

The cold doesn't bother the black dog though. As I write this he is lying on the front deck waiting for some of his friends to walk by, so he can bark and invite them over to give him a treat. He knows well that it's usually mum who has the treats in her pocket when she comes to see what he's barking about.

But it's been a very good way to make new friends and meet neighbours in the village.

This is what Spirit will usually be doing for most of the day except for our walks... sleeping somewhere nearby.

Christopher will spend the day at the bottom of my bed or up near a pillow, unless he gets hungry in which case he'll prowl under my feet making the strangest noises that sound like "Now? Now?" - No meowing for this cat. When he has something to say he tries very hard to articulate in language I understand. And now means food now - for 16 or so years it has always meant that. And I learned quickly.

Both cats have beds. Eleia's in in my office - Christopher's is beside a chair I often sit in to read. Eleia plays with the blue thing hung from my desk, seen here on the left side of this photograph. She absolutely loves to play. She has a basket full of toys and can put a paw in and pullout a ball or stuffed toy to chase around the house. She does this mostly at night.

So in the morning I am often greeted by a cat lying on her back trying to fish something out from under the sink's vanity cupboard in the bathroom. Or I find a soft ball or one with a bell inside it caught up in the heat vents under windows or the deck doors.

Both cats delight in seeing what's going on outside in nice weather. They will often be out on the deck or I will let them wander around the property for a while first thing in the morning, but not when the birds are at the feeders. Then it's at the windows to look out.

Or they will sit at the window at the front of the house and watch the squirrels. This is a rare incident - when the two are on the chair together... usually it's one or the other.

Eleia on the deck rail in summer - a perch she enjoys.

Christopher curled in his chair in the summer - his favourite spot.

Ahhhh summer and time to relax.
Well not quite yet.  A few months away. Meanwhile, back to the indoor garden and see what needs attention.

There were meant to be several more photos of the dog and cats in this blog but the program doesn't want to let me play today - so we'll try again tomorrow. Maybe I'll have some new shots of birds or even the fox that lives and prowls around here.

Hope you each have a wonderful day!

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