Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fall memories

Last fall both cats and the dog enjoyed lying on the deck watching whatever was crossing the property. In this image Spirit, the lab and Christopher my silly cat who was once many years ago a feral kitten that came to my place and decided to stay, lie in the heat, completely relaxed and happy, keeping an eye open for whatever might cross their paths.

Birds, squirrels, a pair of cats that live nearby make up some of the creatures that make them get up off the deck and give chase - both of them.

Other scenery that they don't necessarily appreciate but I sure do includes:
Two of the beautiful hydrangea that my son added to the forest-like garden between this property and the one behind us.

Poppies? in fall? - the seed I scattered in Spring must have been confused.

I have tried to post a photo of the first fall colour, but my computer has decided to have a hissy fit, or perhaps it is my lack of technological knowledge, and no can do... so enjoy these memories of fall on a cold and snowy day - at least here in Ontario - and I will try to improve the next blog... Enjoy your day!

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