Sunday, January 1, 2017

Washing away the old year and welcoming the new

It's a bit bumpy but it is how I feel about 2016 - "wash the year away please."

This is a short video of Lake Ontario a few days ago, taken down at Nawautin, a conservation area close to where I live.

It seemed like an appropriate reminder of this past year which has been filled with turmoil for most people I know, and for wildlife and all nature.

So to start off the new year, I am kick-starting this blog "Primarily Pets"
A late fall image of a beaver pond in Nawautin on the shores of Lake Ontario
which I so enjoyed writing, and am hoping that some of the people who so kindly read it will try again.

Water is a great cleanser.

I find that whenever I am near it - whether walking along the little creek that runs through this beautiful property in the village of Grafton Ontario, or taking the dog into the conservation area, or into the forest riddled with streams and swamps up behind the local arena or to the dog park with a river running beside it or Northumberland Forest searching for springs bubbling up, I look for water and am charmed, soothed, encouraged and often mesmerized by its motion.

This past year there was some controversy in a community nearby when a large corporation outbid that community for the water rights that would supply the community in years to come. The corporation deals among other things in bottled water.

Nowadays people buy bottled water, thinking it's better than what comes out of the tap. In Canada that is not often true... though the springs that are tapped by large corporations for their plastic containers are usually clear and healthy, they are also the aquafers that supply a large area, and are never replenished during this process they way they are with normal agriculture which gives water back to the land and hence the aquafer.

Plastic in our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams is a hazard to terrestrial, and avian wildlife and all aquatic wildlife.

People seem to think it's okay to dump the bottles that water comes in along with anything else that is contained in plastic - out the window, onto the roadside, into the forest, onto fields or parkland.

I find this baffling.

So on this new year's day it seems appropriate to show a video of raging water along with the sound of high winds. May we all remind each other, that water is precious. May we treasure it and try hard to preserve it.

And may this year be filled with lots of wonders for all of us including getting rid of huge plastic rafts on and in our world-wide waters.

Early fall day at the large beaver pond in Nawuatin... a beautiful place to enjoy both water and wildlife - especially birds and ducks and turtles.

Happy new year all!

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