Saturday, February 6, 2016

The day after the wish for spring....

Yesterday I posted a wish for Spring... this morning at 6:00 a.m. this is what I woke to!

The joke should be on me. BUT I love snow.

A bit blurry - but across my side yard - in the "park" area that is almost common to about seven or eight houses, the snow continues to fall and I am in heaven.

Spirit is beside himself - he has rolled and "washed his face," leaning down on one shoulder to rub his face in the new fallen snow, and eaten great mouthfuls. He has been outside at least 10 times since we first went out "dark and early" at 6:15 a.m. He remains outside now. It's nearly lunch time.

Great fat flakes come down periodically. Ah I love snow.

Spring will have to wait.

After I shovel the drive - a neighbour very kindly took his snowblower to the area pushed up into a huge pile by the passing snowplow - the the drive will be my exercise for the day, then I just might sweep off the bench on the deck and curl up with some cocoa and a good book and a duvet to enjoy this winter wonderland that was my yard, and is now a place of magic for all manner of critters.

Yes,spring can wait.


  1. Go figure! We often get exactly the opposite of what we wish for! Winter, although mild in the east this year, will do what it will do!

  2. We have no snow here and the weather is very, very warm for February. My brothers are quite upset as they can't go snowmobiling. Enjoy the white stuff while it lasts!