Friday, February 5, 2016

Spring - snoozing time?

Eleia in one of her many places (her bed) to have a snooze.

Christopher on his favourite spot - a crocheted shoulder covering made for ME when I want to read in bed, but adopted by him, this on my bed, though that is only one spot where he will while away the day.

Spirit, (black dog or doggy being two of his many names) on a mat in the kitchen only one of his many spots to sprawl for the day. When it's kitchen, he's either waiting for a treat, a meal, or for me to go out with him or let him out to lie on the drive , the snow or the grass.

So what's with all these layabouts?

I suspect they are getting older - well not Eleia who is only about 4 or 5, But she's very fat, so this applies to her too... older, fatter - need more nap time... so they can PLAY.

Spirit's most favourite place in summer is Wicklow beach where he can swim after sticks, well any place where there is water deep enough to swim, is a favourite place really for him to play.

But the cats? used to be the deck - but that furniture is inside and it's too cold to snooze or even to stay out and hunt, not that they catch anything as far as I can tell... except maybe cold.

So they wander back and forth between looking out the windows in the front and the school kids playing in the school yard across the way, or snoozing on one of the many spots they have decided is their own.

I can only figure all of them can hardly wait for spring!

Me too!
Well not this kind of spring - my little creek swollen to five or six times its size.... but....

YES - this kind of spring - flowers everywhere! I'm waiting.....????

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