Thursday, March 17, 2016

A river runs through it.

This winter has been very peculiar. This photograph, looking northeast, is not the tiny creek that bordered the northern edge of this lovely property. Instead with a quick melt of about a foot of snow, we had a deluge.

And the creek swelled and spread, expanded and exploded into a river about 20 feet across. It roared.

It was a strong current, carrying all kinds of debris and garbage. It cut a new path beside the original one that I had seen when it was a just sweet little creek about a foot wide, often hidden by wildflowers and weeds, but that was when I first moved here.

 This afternoon even though there is no snow we've had lots of rain. And the creek once again looks like this.
I took a rake and while Spirit watched, I pulled all kinds of plastic bags, and smashed drink cans, bits of plastic and an empty potato chip bag from the water. As well, I yanked branches and twigs, grass and water weeds,  before tomorrow when it is supposed to be colder and maybe snow. They lie rejected on the sides of the creek waiting for me to pick them up in a contractor waste bag and take them to the dump.

Eventually this year, I might have a gently flowing creek for the neighbour kids and grandkids to search for frogs and minnows, where the squirrels can go for a drink and the resident fox can lap its clean freshness. If not - I'll keep on picking up the trash and cleaning out the nightshade roots and related detritus until the creek can meander and I can hear it's bubbling down the tiny waterfalls.

Such a joy. Am I blessed or what?

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  1. My apologies for not uploading the video correctly the first time... hope you can hear the rush of water and see a bit of the ever widening stream