Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter arrives with a heavy white blanket

Sunrise through a frost covered window, fills me with a great feeling - winter is coming!
The next morning, I'm truly in wonder!
Overnight my small piece of the world had been transformed.
The deck is covered, dogs have snuffled their way around the giraffes which inhabit the back yard, and whose faces, backs and legs bear winter's coat. The chair that Christopher loves to sit on to watch the birds that frequent the feeders, holds a snowy cushion. Christopher won't be sitting there  - more likely heading to the barn and the straw and hay that cover the floors and stalls.
A little later, but still in the very early morning, I see the barn surrounded by snow-garbed trees. It doesn't seem quite so tumbled-down with the winter dressing.

The bird feeders wait near the snow covered tree line - chickadees, blue jays and nuthatches use the branches as a staging area for feasting. This morning the branches are capped and laden.

Birds don't care and bits of snow fall off the branches when they land or leave. Squirrels too knock more snow off. All leave mysterious "tracks" in the snow to be investigated by curious dogs and cats.

One of the things I love in winter is the glow of the lights inside - welcoming me home, welcoming others inside. Always in winter the evening or early morning lights remind me of warmth, laughter and friendship as people gather to eat a meal, have a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate, and share stories.
Bliss looks down the lane at the County road that runs along what is now the front of the property. In years past it must have been just a dirt track, with no sanding and salt to prevent cars and trucks from sliding down the hill. Bliss is waiting for our neighbour across the road to start his car and give him an excuse to tell the world he's up and on guard.

The tree lined drive is magical with the snow sticking to its limbs - a fantasy land of white.

Now of course temperatures have reverted to fall - and the snow has melted, but the taste of winter captured by my wee camera tells me what I have to look forward to. What a delight it will be, not so much for driving, but to walk, ski and catch snowflakes on my tongue? Perfect!

Hope that winter is not arduous for you but a joyful period when you can enjoy being together indoors or out. After all Christmas and other religious, spiritual or holiday celebrations are beginning. Aren't we lucky?

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  1. Nice photos! Snowy and c-c-c-cold here! An early winter for sure. Expecting another foot of the white stuff tonight. Happy holidays, hope you love your new digs!