Friday, November 8, 2013

Visual treats for a grey morning

November is often filled with grey mornings, or long grey drippy days with Mother Nature unable to make up her mind as to whether to gently shower us with rain or blast us with the fury of a snowstorm. At such times I like to think of waking to something like the above. 

Blazes of colour of early morning sunrises are not only treats for the eyes, for me they are balm for the soul. I seem to be of the many who suffer from SADS - that horrid depression that makes the world seem like a miasma to be escaped at any cost - usually for me it's into a book, not into work as it should be.
The frosted wildflowers and hay in the field beyond the edge of the property begin to reflect the shimmering sky beyond as the sun starts its chariot race across the sky.
At the south end, the old barn which is being allowed to fall into decay is backlit with the pinks, blues and mauves of an early morning. My love of history reminds me on this grey morning of writing, that one thing I want to do is make a picture story of it - and imagine its long life probably over 150 years, serving as housing for many animals, keeping the original farmer and his family well fed and nourished. 

A project for another day. Enjoy yours today wherever you are, with sun, rain, snow, or wind. And hopefully you will be protected from Mother Nature's lashings if she tends that way in your area.

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