Sunday, December 15, 2013

It must be the cold and snow!

A week ago, we were blessed with about three inches of sticky heavy snow, but it wasn't cold. And then the temperature rose.
It took only a day or two and the temperature rose. The leaves that require raking became visible. The squirrels that tease the dogs so, were better able to scramble to trees and the dogs looked for other things to do.
But it turned cold again.
The lake froze turning to a silvery sheet.
The lake reflected the setting sun. And grew colder.

Last night after a week of steadily falling temperatures, it began to snow - not that lovely lazy gentle drift of flakes, that make me want to go and catch them on my tongue as I did when a kid. But a bitter, bone-chilling, winter-taunting shriek of a storm. My brain felt numb. Where did my energy go?

I didn't want to walk the dogs, even in the shelter of one of the many trails through cedar forests, soft and protected with little streams still bubbling merrily over treefalls. I wanted to hide under the duvet with socks, sweaters, mitts and the blankets over my head, and sleep away winter like a grizzly bear.

Or like Eleia:
And then|:

At 6 a.m., a heathen time to be getting up when it's winter in my opinion, I had to push the snow away with the outside door to let the dogs out. They, silly animals that they are, raced around, tails waving joyously as they realized that winter had truly arrived.

I glumly pulled on my boots and with some trepidation grabbed the shovel in my bare hands, to at least make the door easier to open. I was surprised. No biting wind surging through my dressing gown. Granted I didn't stay out long, just enough to make a short path to throw seed for the birds that I knew would soon be addressing the feeders. But still not what I expected.

And so the day goes. More snow, but gently falling.

Perhaps it will end like this:
with a "God-ray" seeking sun for tomorrow.
May you enjoy a safe and warm Sunday wherever you are.


  1. Nice winter expose, glad to see you are enjoying another Ontario winter! Dogs look fabulous by the way!

  2. Lovely series of images, Barbara! Your dogs are so cute and I can see them running out ot play in the snow. Stay warm and safe! Have a happy day!