Sunday, July 21, 2013

Storm watch

Mother Nature decided to let loose during the unbelievable heat wave that eastern Ontario and Quebec have been feeling throughout the past week or so. A cold front pushed underneath the hot moist air causing the threat of tornadoes, blackouts, downed trees, and wind - oh my that wind.
The setting sun tries to break through sheeting rain, fog and maniacally blowing cloud formations.
The edge of the storm seemed to be just over head  as the winds began to calm a bit.
Looking north it seems like a normal evening
Looking west the edge is ominous, though torn raggedy by wind.
The sun lowers itself out of the clouds and falls behind the hill we pretend is a mountain across the valley.
It was ferocious and unsettling and took a while to pass overhead. Fortunately in this area, I don't think many were hurt nor was there too much damage.
But we can look forward to more "storm events" as the weather reporters like to term our capricious weather. It's all part of climate change, something that in eons past took millions of years to take place, now taking merely fifty or sixty.
We will have to adjust if we're going to survive... and try to mediate climate change wherever we can, and whenever we can. A friend suggested to me on his blog that we need to have  the wisdom to rejuvenate and reinvigorate - regeneration, he suggests should be a goal. I whole heartedly agree Do you?
May you experience the joys of beautiful weather that is to your taste, hot or cool, wet or dry, wherever you are. And may we all enjoy every moment on this amazing planet and try to regenerate beauty that has been lost.

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  1. This front brought 2-4 inches of rain to our area overnight. After nearly a foot of rain in June it seems hard to believe that we needed rain, but we had not had any in two weeks. Some beautiful photos here!