Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On guard

A week or so ago, I was travelling to look for a new place to live. One of the wonderful and stirring sights was this Osprey perched on its nest. It has been built by this bird on a man made platform, set up specially for these birds who are famous for their fishing. The nest is a mere field away from a lake.

Known as the fish hawk, I've watched them on occasion dive from several tens of feet in the air to plunge into the water of a river or lake, beating their wings strongly to literally fly out of the water with a huge fish in their talons.

The two to three babies I can see in this particular nest will be fun to watch grow.

Hope you get to see some remarkable birds or wild animals today or soon...makes me realize how very fortunate we are to share this planet with such amazing creatures.


  1. These man-made nesting platforms are surprisingly successful when and where they are put in place. A good example of how we can give back to the natural world by making our feathered friends comfortable and welcome. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bill - those platforms are indeed a great way to give back to nature... this particular one is right across a field from Rice Lake - a great fishing lake - and near where I will be moving in September some time.