Friday, January 18, 2013

Looking out the window

Looking through the glass doors that open onto the garden, at pottery.
Yesterday I saw a cardinal at my feeder early in the morning. I was late getting to my camera and so never captured a photograph.

I know that cardinals are more plentiful in towns and villages so I hoped/wished that I would see them when I went to my pottery class yesterday afternoon. I took my camera with the idea that I might get at least one interesting photograph since my pottery teacher loves birds as much as I do. She has feeders set up in her back yard on a wonderful arbour that grows grapes in the spring, as well as in other places close to the arbour.

The first thing I noticed was one of my favourite birds trying to get a peanut out of the feeder - the upside down abilities of nuthatches white and red breasted - is to my mind one of the most endearing. Their clown-like activities up and down trees, feeders the sides of houses and barns is definitely smile and happy-making.

And then we saw one bright red splash - crimson - glowing in the pale sunlight. A male cardinal came close to the glass doors.

It suddenly seemed as if this bird sent out the call - "Seeds here - lots of seeds here." One more male cardinal and a female arrived.
Can you see missus, cleverly hiding in the tree just below the male?

And more - we counted up to a dozen at one point. And I spent more time with my camera than I did with pottery for a while. But I've promised to paint cardinals for my teacher... I will love doing that. Enjoy these photos - some a bit blurry from being taken through glass... and then enlarged but lovely I think, just the same. And think about this - once again I wished to see a cardinal to photograph... hmmm?

Missus C and a mourning dove in a tray feeder made from an orange crate - clever this!

How many can you see? Wasn't this a treat? And boy oh boy did I ever get what I wished for. Makes me feel very blessed. May you be blessed with receiving something you wish for today.


  1. Bird feeders can bring such pleasure, where else do you get to see birds at such close range? I could feel your excitement as I read this!

    1. Yup I'm just like a little kid with some things Bill - my dad loved cardinals - that's probably where I got this, and I don't see them at my feeders in the country. Thank you for the compliment that you could feel the excitement - that's high praise indeed