Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be careful what you wish for

This morning when I opened the front door in the dark, the front steps were covered in snow. Aha I thought, I did wish for snow yesterday. Seems like I got it.

Of course the dogs ran out and rolled, wiping their faces first and then shoving a shoulder deep and then flopping onto the three inches or so - not a lot for this area, but a lot for an overnight snowfall. Great white fluffy flakes were coming down, blowing in from the east. I joined them, pulling on my boots and filling two feeders with seed and putting it on the ground for the little ground birds. Much to my delight as daylight just began to reveal the arrival of all kinds of birds, the male cardinal showed up. Since his mate had been taken by a hawk, I haven't seen much of that beautiful fellow. Of course when I found my camera he was gone. But nice to know he's visiting now and then.

The snow is now fine, hard to see, but it continues to fall. So shortly I'll be taking two very happy mutts out for a romp. I may not be driving much though because it looks as if the roads haven't been ploughed. I saw the trucks yesterday laying on the slip-preventive strip of chemical on hills. So while I was moaning yesterday, this was not unexpected.

A goldfinch a redpoll tackle the niger feeder - I don't often photograph the birds that use this one but the redpolls and chickadees are regular visitors.

This morning on the deck there is a pair of dark eyed juncos which I haven't seen before. Perhaps they have been part of the gang of sparrows, house, tree, white-crowned, or have just arrived from further north.

In any case I am delighted to have had my wish granted. And really hope that you get what you wish for as well. It makes life so full of magic and hope don't you think?


  1. We had about a half a foot from that storm, replenishing some of the snow that had recently melted. We now have about 15" on the ground again, enough for fun on snowshoes.

    1. Wonderful Bill - I know how much you love to be outdoors in winter. Today we have more snow, with a high wind and bitter temps. I think it must be about -15C but with the high wind right now, face-freezing cold - even the labs didn't want to be out this morning...first time ever that I can remember.

      Stay warm and toasty!