Saturday, January 19, 2013

Up close and very personal

A couple of days ago I was at my pottery class and yesterday posted photographs mostly of cardinals.

But there were other birds visiting all the feeders at my teacher and mentor's home. This feeder is fascinating - it sticks to the window - and as the birds become used to you on the other side of the glass - they learn to ignore you.

Brilliant I thought. I'm going looking for one.

Here is that wee house finch - head on, ignoring me completely.
As well as this fellow there were chickadees and even the cardinals trying to grab seeds from this feeder. Interesting that even a blue jay would tackle it. Much too big, but it tried. Apparently the house finch will sit inside the enclosure as if it's home. You have to chuckle at that.

We also saw a flock of starlings, not a usual sight in this village in mid-January - usually one or two - but they were scrambling for seed as well. It was hard to get much pottery done that day, I was so busy with my camera and also with just watching. Birds can be so fascinating. Enjoy your day and may you see something worth spending time watching as well.

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