Saturday, September 29, 2012

Living in the country there are always roadside stands or farm outlets for produce of all kinds throughout most of the growing season, and sometimes year round. One creative apple farmer near me, has added a small petting zoo of farm animals to its attractions.

People can go into the orchard and pick apples, and the kids have donkeys, sheep, goats like this wee pregnant nanny in this photo to pet or look at and even horses and a pony to ride.

When I stopped by the other day, this lovely goat and her companion greeted me with their bleating "maaaaa" bringing a smile. I walked to the edge of their pen and was told by a young woman who was feeding all the animals, that these two like dandelion leaves and that's what they were begging for.

So of course I went and picked some. This gal stuck her head through the wire and I scratched her head and then moved down her neck to where the shoulders and neck meet. It's been my experience with nearly all animals, that is a "sweet" spot which they love to have rubbed and/or scratched.

A friend who works there, laughed at me as he pulled his truck in beside the pen. I always seem to be "loving up" the animals wherever I see them. He pointed out some chickens behind me. They were banties, tiny little chickens and the rooster! A tiny explosion of colour. I tried to get a photo of him.

He was having none of that! And quickly hustled out of the way and chased after the two hens who had escaped my camera very effectively.

I gave up and went back to what I was originally going to do when I pulled in and was immediately distracted by the goats. I figure the chicks were trying to tell me something and had to chuckle.

It's a joy to travel around the countryside in the northern hemisphere this time of year and see the harvest. And tonight is the harvest moon - it will no doubt be beautiful. And a reminder that though it's been a tough summer in so many ways for everyone, too hot, too wet, too dry - always too much of something - we still are fortunate to be able to enjoy the bounty of the countryside. At least many of us are.

May you enjoy this harvest moon day - and perhaps see something a bit different - like this rooster turning his back on me - and making you laugh or smile or even happy to be alive.

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