Friday, September 28, 2012

Another story in pictures - the dawning of a new day

By chance I let the dogs out before the sun had begun to rise. When they let me know they wanted in and desperately needed breakfast - the beginnings of an amazing sunrise greeted me - more like sunsets than the sun showing its face for the day. Needless to say I ran for the camera.
Fascinated I couldn't stop clicking.
To me it looks as if the sky is filled with flame.

Is this what forest fire fighters see?

Do others see omens in a sky like this?

In retrospect I wish I'd thought to make a video, but who knew it would spread covering all the eastern horizon? It was a true gift - amazing and fascinating as the colours rippled and moved with the sun's breaching the horizon. Then suddenly this fabulous flaming sky was subdued to a glorious sunny day. But it's beginning? I'll never forget it. A portent of good things to come? - for me yes.

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