Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini horses in the snow

Nearby there is a small herd of mini horses. Yesterday after shopping, I saw a couple of them playing near the electric fence that runs along the edge of the field that fronts on the road home. It's likely that one or more of the mares is ready to breed and some of the action resulted from that. (This entire video is 46 seconds long, but cuts in and out around 37 or seconds - I'm so not a great videographer.)

The rest of the activity was because I had stopped and was standing at the edge of the road. At first the dogs barked  in the car as the horses came along to investigate and the radio was playing loudly... I turned that down and quieted the dogs, but cars continued to drive past, wondering I'm sure what the dickens I was doing.

It was fun to watch the minis all gather, from distant parts of the field. Usually they stick to the pathways they create around the edges, digging down and nibbling the grass underneath the snow which is nearly up to their bellies. But yesterday some of them ran across the field to investigate.
They were a quiet bunch, moving along the edge of the field after figuring out I didn't have any treats for them and wasn't very interesting after all. One went to another and nudged it, nosing around and keeping its head close to the other's - so sweet. And after all this? Fun to try and get a video and practice with my new plaything.

Please note if the video doesn't play for you and you've received the blog through email, go directly to the website and you should be able to make it work. It only works through email if I send it as an attachment not if it's imbedded in the blog for some reason.

Oh - and thanks for stopping by - hope my Ontario friends enjoy a happy family day!

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