Sunday, February 19, 2012

About my post of a video of birds on my deck

A still taken before I made the video of little birds on my deck

Hi everyone, if you have trouble viewing the video I posted yesterday as an experiment, I've found you have to go directly to the website rather than take the feed from many of my followers receive -  So if you are kind enough to be  follower, please click on instead to see the video and it should work... why the feed from Blogger doesn't work I have no idea but others who receive it as an email feed can't make it work either and have complained. However, I can send it to you as an email attachment if you wish, just let me know your email address (I'll delete it after)...the wonders of technology.
   One reader asked about the tube feeder and how it is attached to the deck. It sits on a slim pole that I got with pieces that the pole fits into - like a bolt lock. I picked it up at a hardware store.
   The reason for so many birds I think besides the bad weather yesterday, is the number of feeders I put out: six. They are all around the house with mostly black oil sunflower seeds. I also put out suet for those who like it such as the woodpeckers, blue jays and yes even the starlings though they are bandits. And also I put at least one sunflower seed feeder as well as a niger feeder throughout the year, so the birds are accustomed to visiting year round.
   As for squirrels, I have two labs and two cats. Both creatures have discouraged the red and black squirrels that used to visit. I also cut down a tree that allowed them to jump onto the roof of my house where they were safe from the cats particularly. It's no longer safe for them to visit here - however spring could bring a different story and cause me to invest in squirrel-proof feeders.
   Thank you all for your kind words. Thanks for watching. I'll try and get some more videos over the next while. What fun this is - until the battery runs out of course - which mine just did. Hate waiting! Enjoy your day, I will while I wait to try this again.


  1. Great capture of your Goldies? I'm sure with snow around the birdies are going nuts over your feeders.

  2. Hi Eileen - goldies, a few house finches at times, American tree sparrows, house sparrows, a few nuthatches and a bunch of chickadees but you're right - mostly goldfinches... they are such a treat and I love their little twitter... even when their squabbling!

  3. B - Please email me my computer crashed this pat week and I lost you address etc. R