Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Woodpeckers love suet

In the past few days I've received a couple of photographs from a dear friend. She has begun feeding birds and become interested in identifying them and sometimes sends copies of her beautiful pictures to me. She is an excellent photographer who works as a journalist and often enhances her columns with her own photos. You can see why - professional work for sure.

These two were ones I wanted to share, they are so clear and make the difference between the male and the female downy woodpeckers so clear.

No little red strip along the female's head - but boy is she busy getting that suet into her tummy. And don't you love how she tucks her tail under to maintain her balance as she hangs onto the lower edge of the feeder?

Birdwatching is the most popular hobby in the world apparently, or at least one of the most popular. It is always fun to receive some of the wonderful photographs taken by friends who allow me to post them. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. And I hope you see some wonderful birds out there today!


  1. Hi Barbara, the Downy woodpeckers are wonderful birds to see in your yard. Your friend took wonderful photos of the Downy. Thanks for sharing. I also appreciate your visit and comment.

  2. We have a variety of woodpeckers in our area. Our favorite is the pileated. It's nice that you have some suet to feed them so that you can see them up close. The suet must really provide them with a lot of energy!