Thursday, October 13, 2011

A fall bouquet

One of the blogs I follow - - has a post this week about mindfulness. About paying attention to the little things that often in our hurry and fast-paced world, we neglect.

It certainly made me think.

And when I was searching my photos (my camera connecting cord is missing at the moment) to find something to write about I came across this small photo of a fall bouquet - but if you look at it closely it's also a summer bouquet.

There are sedum, and rudbekia, but also lilies and pale pink roses. Something about it's eclecticness (is that a word?) made me smile when I saw it on my pottery mentor's counter. Tools in the background, a dish made by a friend beside it and the edge of a sander in the upper right corner surround the flowers and all speak to me of the things that I love about pottery and this group of people I meet with almost every week.

It's the little things - that we meet once a week for lunch even if we're not staying to take a class. That we exchange notes on family and other friends. That we plan for the event that helps the local food bank - this year it was "Mug Shots" a collection of mugs for sale at a silent auction the main fund raiser for the group that runs the food bank. That we care about each other in the small ways as well as the big ones.

Just a few of the things that I sometimes overlook.

So with the Canadian Thanksgiving just past, I'm full of thankfulness for my rich life and for everything and everyone that makes it so.

Here are two of the mugs that I made for Mug Shots -

And a couple I painted that my mentor Carol made (she is a potter par excellence)

Perhaps you can see in these mugs some of the little things that I enjoy so much and for which I'm grateful.

May you have a day filled with little things that make you smile, think, be happy, or even sing!

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