Saturday, November 5, 2011

Puppy play

The labs love playing on a frosty morning such as this.

Bliss grabbed a squeaky toy and headed for the door when I asked him if he wanted to play. I'd rather they do this outside than in - they are such big dogs and I have pine floors which doggy nails have scratched and scoured enough.

The game is on.
Wrestling with a toy in his mouth, having it dislodged by Spirit and then looking around for it making a grab and back to wrestling or running away begging to be chased is a bit part of this game. You can tell it's very serious doggy play business.

Finally after about 10 to 15 minutes it winds down and they come back inside for breakfast.

All the while I'm laughing - as I said yesterday, it is great fun to watch these brothers, litter mates actually, enjoy each other and a frosty morning. So for the rest of today we're going to be outside raking leaves and enjoying the last of autumn. Snow is likely not far away.

Hope you have a lot of laughter in your day today.

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  1. It is wonderful and amazing how much energy this cold weather puts into dogs, isn't it? My two bloodhounds act as if they just graduated from puppyhood. Life is so much fun and zesty with a cool snap in the air. And the hounds think "What could be better?"