Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunrise, sunset and a sad farewell

Yesterday morning as we switched from Daylight time to Standard time, I was of course up early because dogs don't read clocks, but do have ingrained habits. At dawn, it's time to get me out of bed.

It was soft. A golden dawn, the skies filled with voluminous clouds on a horizon painted rose, mauve and rimmed with brilliant ochres and creams.

The dogs amble back from running down the pathways to check out the sounds and smells of the northern part of the property - or maybe their brother who lives two properties north is out and they always have a morning get together. Frost isn't as heavy this morning and it looks as if the day will be glorious. A promise of good things.

The day ended with hot colours, calm skies and though there were good things, there was a sad note casting a pall.

A young friend, grandson of a dear friend who lives across the valley, was killed in a car accident the morning before. He helped me dig the pond of which I'm so fond and write about often. He worked with me on pruning my little orchard the way his grampa had taught him and helped nail down a tricky piece of roofing on the drive shed. He had had many personal challenges throughout his short life but he continued to look at it with joy, enthusiasm and hope for a better future.

Life is ephemeral and I'm reminded once again that we are given an unknown amount of time on this earth and we must do our part each of us to keep it safe and healthy but more important we must keep ourselves safe and take every second we have with gratitude.

Here's to you Ryan - we'll miss you!


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of that young man, Barbara. What a beautiful, moving post.

  2. Thank you Melissa - I appreciate your kind words.