Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where cats choose to sleep

Both my cats prefer as a rule to sleep in a bedroom. When Eleia came to me, I kept her in the guest bedroom. (It had a door at the time). It was safe for her while Christopher got used to having a kitten in the house. Also gave her some protection from the dogs who thought she looked like a new moving toy, though she didn't ventured downstairs for a few weeks. When she was more sure of herself she discovered the church windows that go all the way to the second floor with an opening for what she assumed was quick passage - which she uses still.

Christopher has always chosen a particular chair in the living room or my bed. He purrs loudly when I'm there, but since I'm a restless sleeper, doesn't often spend the whole night.

Eleia on the other hand, visits if I'm reading in bed for a short while then goes to "her room." She used to curl up among the pillows on the bed. Or she'd lie propped along the north wall, under the bed with her feet in the air. (Wish I'd gotten a picture of that it was very cute.)

Then one day I left the bottom drawer of the antique chest of drawers open. This is part of a bedroom set that came to Canada with my United Empire Loyalist family way back in the 1860s. It's stayed in the family.  When I was a youngster and "slept over" at my grandparents I used the bed - I have fond memories of those days. Today I use the bureau for sheets and my seasonal clothes. I was transferring some clothes to a closet one morning and came back to the guest bedroom to find Eleia curled up inside. She's kept that as her bed ever since. I haven't had the heart to close up the drawer and so put a small blanket in there for her.

Cats - sometimes they do the strangest things!

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  1. What a comfy place to sleep. Great capture. I enjoyed your post and photo. Have a great weekend!