Friday, October 7, 2011

Early Autumn morning

The sun has just begun to rise above the mountain in the east, (it's really just a big hill but quite remarkable in the basin that is southern Ontario). It sets the Blue spruce alight. In the small space visible beyond the spruce and the Melba apple tree - (an early apple now devoid of apples) - the mist settles along the river valley. As the sun progresses the mist will rise in coils and tails as if gigantic creatures prowl along the valley floor with only their tails visible.

It is truly a beautiful fall morning. Chilly yet. Frost visible on the tips of some of the longer grass, but the promise of a glorious day gentles the looming winter.

Lots to do this fall to get ready - the lawn needs one last mowing. Bird feeders must be put in place. The bubbler for the pond checked that it will work this winter to keep the fish alive. Gardens to be put to bed and some ground readied for a vegetable garden in the spring. But for now a sip of hot coffee, a minute to just drink in the morning and welcome all it brings, seems right. I silently say "Good morning world, good morning sun."

Finally I appear to have alleviated my computer problems with a new-to-me computer. I've missed my blog, my early morning musings and all the "ether" friends I have made over the past year. Hopefully I'll be able to continue with the blog now and share my wee bit of the world with everyone. Thank you for your patience.

And as we move up to the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, may each of you have a truly wonderful weekend wherever you are. We have a lot to be thankful for and I for one am grateful for your friendship, comments, visits to my blog and encouragement in the past year or so.

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