Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm outta here!

Seldom do I get the opportunity to photograph a mourning dove. The ones that hang about here, nibbling seeds and cooing their soft greetings seem quite shy and bolt at the least sign of something happening.

Could be because this species is often prey for many other creatures including hawks, owls, coyote, fox, wolf and of course cats. The doves here are wary.

My yellow lab Bliss has brought the frozen bodies of one or two home to me on occasion, which I find startling because usually they are eaten on the spot or removed to a high tree or back to a den.

This one tentatively landed on the deck railing and my camera was nearby. I slowly got the camera out of its case and stood up. This slow motion was enough to alert the bird which stopped eating and started looking around. As I moved to get a clearer shot, I pushed the button and the bird flew off. All I managed was catching it with it's head turned - about to leave post haste.

The feathers of these gentle birds are lovely mottled colours. In winter the soft umbers of their belly and russets on their backs with smoky grey spots make a beautiful contrast to the snow. In summer when they are breeding, they are less visible against the verdant landscape.

This was a lucky shot for me - usually they are far away and I have yet to get one of the better cameras with great long lenses... for now I'm happy.
May this glorious Sunday here in Ontario be the same for you wherever you are - soft and beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and readers.


  1. A very lucky experience. So peaceful. Nice image.

  2. As always your comments warm my heart Bill - keep up the good work on your recovery from your surgery - you're always in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy and successful recovery... hope my other friends who read this blog go and read yours too!